About Us | Pride Threads

Welcome to Pride Threads, the tapestry of diversity, inclusivity, and vibrant community engagement woven into the very fabric of our identity. Born from the heart of Houston, Texas, we are a brand that celebrates the richness of being oneself, all year round—not just during Pride Month.

At Pride Threads, our core values are as enduring as the threads of our garments. We believe in fashion as a statement, an expression of the self, and a beacon of unity. Our t-shirts are not just apparel; they are emblems of pride, designed to showcase the astronaut in all of us who dares to reach for the stars.

Our commitment to diversity is mirrored in our support for initiatives like the Houston Pride Bike Ride, a pedal-powered chorus of solidarity, and the Montrose Center, where we help to stitch the safety net that supports our community. Our designs have become a signature of pride throughout Houston, worn by those who stand tall in their identity.

But our journey doesn't end at the city limits. As we bring our message of love and pride to cities across the United States and beyond, we remain dedicated to the local heartbeats of each community we touch.

Pride Threads is more than a brand; it's a call to action. We invite you to don the colors of the cosmos with us, to show your pride, and to join a movement that transcends borders. Let's weave a world where every thread is cherished, and every pattern tells the story of who we are.

Join us. Wear your pride. Live your truth. This is Pride Threads.